About us

Hello and Welcome to F03 FASHION Clothing and apparel! This brand is unique and comfort friendly to everyone. If you want to be different and set a different trend, F03 FASHION is the choice for you! - F03 FASHION * ENHANCE YOUR APPEARANCE*


The word “Foe” started from my name and is also what people call me. I replaced the -oe with -03, because I was born in the year of 2003. That was the birth of the word “F03”! People asked me, “why you put fashion after F03?” As I was creating the name, I was thinking of a way to put my name on my brand and making my name different to stand out. F03 Fashion stuck to me, because it is a name that would catch people attention and it has my name in it also! This is the purpose and creation of the name “F03 FASHION”!